Emma Blink

Angry, Spunky 16-year-old Daughter

Emma BlinkLike her dad, Emma Blink is witty, smart, and insightful. Unlike her father, she talks back. She’s angry at her mother for leaving them, and angrier at her dad for not going, too. Like most teens, she wants to learn by making her own mistakes… and mistakes are easy, when you live in a city overflowing with hot young superheroes who keep getting arrested for a FUI ("Flying Under The Influence"), and minor supervillains prone to robbing the same malls you hang out in.

Emma doesn’t get why her father won’t let her date that cute member of the TWEEN TITANS: that would so help her social life! And… what are these changes that are starting to happen to her? It’s hard enough being 16 years old, with all that school and social pressure anyway. But when you also have to hide the fact from your friends and family that you’re gaining the power to levitate…

Emma Blink…

  • Is so smart that she’s almost as smart as most teenagers think they are.
  • Has mastered insults the way other teens have mastered the Xbox.
  • Has all the anxieties and insecurities of an average 16-year-old. ie: A LOT!
  • Has a teen crush on Teen Crush, obnoxious 18-year-old superhero sidekick. Lashes out at her dad, but, when push comes to shove, still loves and protects him.